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Production Music - RUMPUS GROOVE

I provide bespoke music for media applications under the name "Rumpus Groove".  Below are some examples of my work, in the form of musical beds and (mainly) instrumental theme music.  Click on the players to hear the content.  (Note that these are watermarked previews - all tracks are available to license).

Unless stated otherwise all works are composed, performed and produced by me.  The Possessed Of Zest work linked from this site is another example of my production and composition, albeit for a different market.

If you would like to discuss a custom project please contact me here.

"Jump Into Love" - Laid-back happy groove with a dreamy vibe in the verse leading to a summery catharsis of bliss in the chorus. Guitar-led electronica with lyrics firmly rooted in the key of love.  Yeah..

"Banana Montage" - A bouncing summer pop theme with driving bass, lashings of rhythmic acoustic guitars, dreamy country guitar counterpoints and an ecstatic rock guitar middle crescendo. I suppose you could say it is guitar-led in that sense. Also featuring the silky drumming of the internationally incredible Doc Spoons.

"Peacock Strut" - A sultry groove, melodically navigated by Rhodes and piano to add a sense of smoky film noir to the vibe, with a sprinkling of funk guitar, bongo battering and trance synths.

"Lambchop Hideaway" - Introspection and elation alternate here as the sober melancholy of the piano refrain repeatedly gives way to the joyful relief of the acoustic guitar arpeggios, and the see-saw pattern of sliding bass attempts to reflect life's ups and downs.

"Piddle Town" - A flirtation with electronica and some funk disco infusions, this track in its original incarnation accompanied a video trailer for a dance studio, but has been fully re-worked here for general licensing.

"Into The Light" - A fusion of rhythmic styles give an edgy twist to a more standard corporate theme, with a hip-hop groove to the delayed guitar and funky synth verses pushing into the more traditional twinkling piano and surging strings of the uplifting choruses.